Seca mBCA body composition measurement

30 € | Free of charge for a serial card or gift card holder at the time of visit

The Seca mBCA 515 allows accurate measurements to help assess a person’s overall health and nutritional status, for example when planning exercise and diet.

The survey is quick, easy and detailed. A body composition measurement gives you useful information about the state of your body. It measures, among other things, the amount of muscle mass, fat mass, internal fat mass, the amount of external and internal water in the cell, the number of cells in the body and their nutritional status, and daily energy consumption.

Body composition measurement gives extra motivation for a healthy lifestyle and weight management. It also gives you a guide to the right kind of training programme. You will receive a hard copy of the report and a PDF version by email.

Before the measurement, you should not eat or drink for at least two hours and should go to the toilet. You should also avoid exercising on the day of the measurement.




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