e°CABIN™ cryotherapy

27 € / session | 120 € / 5 sessions | 215 € / 10 sessions

CTN e°CABIN™ is a full body cryotherapy that represents the latest technology in recovery and wellness. This effective method uses extremely low temperatures to activate the body’s natural healing processes and provide numerous health benefits.

When you expose your body to cold in e°CABIN™, the body triggers several biological processes. Blood flow is enhanced as the body works to maintain the core temperature, and this can help reduce inflammation and promote healing. It also stimulates the release of endorphins, “feel-good chemicals”, which can reduce pain and boost mood. Repeated exposure to cold also improves vagus nerve function.

Cryotherapy is an easy and painless way to activate the body’s own natural healing processes. The basic principle of cryotherapy is simple. Full-body ultra-cold therapy is based on a thermal shock to the surface of the skin, which triggers the brain to activate the body’s defence system. The body reacts immediately to this sudden drop in temperature by producing hormones and enzymes that are essential for the body to cope with the extreme drop in surface temperature.

Vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels) is triggered after treatment as the body naturally tries to restore normal body temperature, thereby increasing local blood flow and metabolism, bringing vital hormones and enzymes to the area. The increase in these natural components in the bloodstream helps with healing from inflammation, injuries and surgery, among other things. Extreme cold for short periods is a safe way to produce this reaction in the body, without risk of tissue damage.

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, e°CABIN™ offers significant benefits by accelerating muscle recovery after exercise. Top cold therapy can reduce muscle fatigue, allowing you to return to training faster and improve your performance. In addition, cold therapy can help reduce swelling and haematoma in the event of an injury.

e°CABIN™ cold therapy can support immune function, improve skin condition and promote better sleep quality. Used regularly, it can also help reduce chronic pain and even slow down the signs of ageing on the skin.

The treatment is ideal on its own and in conjunction with manual therapy, rehabilitation or exercise before or after treatment, depending on the client’s needs and ailments.



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