X-TONE™ electromagnetic muscle training and body shaping

50 € / 30 min | 225 € / 5 times 30 min | 400 € / 10 times 30 min

CTN X-TONE™ is a pioneer in electromagnetic muscle training, offering an effective and innovative way to improve muscle tone and develop total body performance. Through electromagnetic stimulation, X-TONE™ activates your muscle cells in a way that traditional exercise cannot, maximising the effects of your workout in a short period of time.

X-TONE™ also allows you to train your pelvic floor muscles using a specially designed seat. The seat sends electromagnetic pulses through the pelvic floor causing muscle contractions to improve the strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles.

Electromagnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) is a treatment that stimulates muscle contraction to strengthen muscles, reduce swelling and relieve pain. At the same time, the treatment destroys fat cells and reduces unwanted fat deposits in the treated areas.

The X-TONE™ device generates powerful electromagnetic pulses that are transmitted to muscle and fat tissue via Tesla coil electrodes located inside large treatment heads. They are placed either against the skin or over thin clothing. The pulses of the MMS device mimic the response of the central nervous system signals, but the contractions are more intense. This leads to significantly better and faster results compared to traditional exercise and muscle training.

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, X-TONE™ is an excellent way to enhance their training. The device makes it possible to target specific muscle groups particularly effectively, which makes it particularly useful in rehabilitation processes or for strengthening weakened muscle areas. In addition, because electromagnetic stimulation can help improve muscle blood flow, it can also speed up recovery after intense exercise.

X-TONE™ can support muscle maintenance and growth, especially for those with limitations in traditional exercise – for example, older people. It can also help to prevent muscle atrophy in prolonged immobilisation situations.



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