OxyPro™ hyperbaric oxygen treatment

60€ / 45 min | 80 € / 60 min | 360€ / 5 times 60 min | 640 € / 10 times 60 min

CTN OxyPro™ represents a non-medical mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment (mHBOT) designed to combine effectiveness and comfort. During the treatment, the oxygen level in the chamber is increased by about 50% (from 21% to 31%) and the pressure is increased to 53 kilopascals (1.53ATA), which corresponds to a depth of about 5.3 metres underwater.

At elevated pressure, all the cells in the body are under slight compression, which, together with increased oxygen, boosts their ability to remove toxins and other harmful substances. This method has been shown to promote the healing and regeneration of cells, tissues and organs.

During hyperbaric therapy, you breathe normally while the pressure on your body increases. The increase in pressure dissolves oxygen into the blood plasma and body tissues much faster than under normal atmospheric pressure.

At elevated pressure, all cells in the body are under slight compression, which, together with increased oxygen, can have a positive effect on their function.

As tissue oxygen levels rise, the body may be better able to resist various infections and the immune system may become more resilient. mHBOT treatment can also potentially boost the ability of white blood cells to find and destroy cells that are “attacking” the body.

For athletes, CTN OxyPro™ can provide an invaluable recovery advantage. Hyperbaric therapy can speed up muscle recovery after intense exercise and shorten recovery times. This is particularly useful for professional athletes and active fitness enthusiasts who want to maximise their performance and minimise their risk of injury.

OxyPro™ has proven its effectiveness in treating a wide range of illnesses and injuries, including diabetic ulcers, radiation injuries and certain infections. It can also improve brain function and cognitive abilities in some cases.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to significantly increase the concentration of circulating stem cells in the peripheral circulation. By increasing plasma oxygen levels in the blood, stem cells from the bone marrow were shown to proliferate and mobilise significantly.



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